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scales-surface and underlying: What Is the Holographic Principle?

scales-surface and underlying: flow

scales-surface and underlying: flow: flow=continuity of concentration

scales-surface and underlying: Experience

scales-surface and underlying: Experience: Experience. Meditation-Observer (self/atman/witness)-process of observation-that which is being observed (cogitating mind) becomes one (Res...

scales-surface and underlying: strings

scales-surface and underlying: strings: entanglement of strings/fields

scales-surface and underlying: Resonance-Strings

scales-surface and underlying: Resonance-Strings: matching resonance energies of strings =one universe. differing resonance energies of strings=multiverse.strings  (branches of the wave fun...

scales-surface and underlying: multiverse-holographic

scales-surface and underlying: multiverse-holographic: a holographic multiverse of strings!

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The Rishis (Sages) of the past meditated. They included both women (eg.Gargi) and men (eg. Kapila).
By meditate I mean concentrated focus/observation of their own psychical system.
Meditation is a systems approach.  The rishis went from the surface layers of the mind to probe into deeper levels. The self (atman) is the  unaffected  indivisible witness/seer underlying the split/multiple psycho (buddhi/intellect)-physical (manas/mind) system. The body is multicellular , including the brain (consisting of the sensory input processing system/manas). Under normal circumstances, in a conditioned human, the physical predominates i.e data arriving from the sense organs (eyes, ears etc) onto the manas. In a  thinking mind, intelligence of the buddhi (psychical) is reflected on the manas (physical-determining pros and cons). Anger,jealousy,greed,fear etc predominate when the discriminatory capacity ceases. The  4 components i.e.buddhi-intellect, ahamkara-ego, manas -mind consisting of sensory …

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