Thursday, 13 April 2017

Time is emergent-The universes are quantum states

Consider if each human is a probability distribution of a certain arrangement of atoms-i.e. a quantum state. With evolution through "time" different arrangements are possible, complexity increases with increase in entropy, finally the number of arrangements  becomes a constant , complexity decreases its just that these arrangements keep on rearranging themselves with decreasing complexity. Finally complexity goes away and "equilibrium is arrived at. What if each complex arrangement is a quantum state so that time is emergent being a superimposition of quantum states. The initial low entropy state arose from a high entropy state, the multiverse being eternal and infinite alternating between high and low entropic states-it is such energy packets rearranging themselves in different ways through processes involving entanglement. What if there was a quantum state  of energy distributions probabilities where no entanglement occurs that is the final equilibrium state and alternating between low and high entropy of this equlilibrium state  is a mechanism giving rise to complexity. Meditation is a method of arriving at this equilibrium by disentanglement, so as to do away with complexity. The difference between a meditator and a non meditator is that a meditator tries to do away with complexity via disentanglement  (as mentioned in my earlier posts) and reaches the quantum state of equilibrium, while a non-mediatator alternates between high and low entropic states going through the processes of complexity formation i.e birth and rebirth. The mind in this essay is the entanglement and vibratory states of atoms going through low and high entropic states and hence complexity.  A meditator reaches the final quantum state of equilibrium  through concentrated focus away from the environment i.e. disentanglement.
In the upanishads it is written the manifest universe(vyakta), in this case complexity arises from the avyakta i,e the unmanifest i.e. the equilibrium state. The upanishads can only be true , and the meditation process relevant if "time is emergent" and the multiverse is a superimposition of quantum states. 

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