Cancer-What If

Tumor heterogeneity-Different tumor cells having altered ratios of tumor suppressing to tumor promoting activity, alters signaling networks in space and time.
Cancer-Impairement in restoration of homeostasis(2nd hit/microenvironment related)) in primary hit (tumor suppressor inhibiting/oncogene activating) cells.
Metaphor/Visualization-Ist mutational hit. Cells tries to restore homeostatic balance. Fails to optimize.=Second hit (tumor microenvironment interactions)-Tumor metastasis.
Like an oscillating pendulum that overshoots mean position once. Comes back to mean balance position. Overshoots the Ist extreme position due to loss of elasticity of string (when failing to optimize lost mean position/Youngs Modulus/Hooks Law). Loss of elasticity. status quo of extreme position maintained. equivalent to tumorigenesis.
Fractals-Self similar patterns of related tumor suppressing and tumor promoting signaling networks,
in a normal cell. Fractal pattern of signaling networks altered in a tumor/metastatic cell. Layers of fractal networks=time related operationally altered quantum states.


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